Vikings: life and legend


An38726761vikings life and

A Viking silver pot and coins

An38915619a replica of king

A replica of King Harald Bluetooth’s rune stone at Jelling, Denmark (Picture: Rebecca Reid)

Neil MacGregor, Director of the British Museum said “The reach and cultural connections of the Viking Age make it a remarkable story shared by many countries, not least here in the British Isles. New discoveries and research have led to a wealth of new information about the Vikings so it is a perfect moment to look again at this critical era. Temporary exhibitions of this nature are only possible thanks to external support so I am hugely grateful to BP for their longstanding and ongoing commitment to the British Museum.”

An38839418lewis chessmen 11

Lewis Chessmen 1150-1145 (Picture: The Trustees of the British Museum)

An38726748vikings life and

Gilt Viking wind vane (Picture: Alex Lentati)

BP is extremely pleased to support ‘Vikings: life and legend’, the first exhibition of the new five year partnership between the British Museum and BP. Our support for the British Museum is part of BP’s wider contribution to British life, connecting people and communities across the UK. We are delighted to help bring this major exhibition to the British Museum.” Peter J Mather, Group Regional Vice President, Europe and Head of Country, UK, BP.

An38839365pin with dragons

A copper alloy pin with dragon's head, AD 950 – 1000 (Picture: Wikinger Museum Haithabu)