Ucí-Cansahcab (Mexique): Walled Mayan community with megalithic stones found in northern Yucatan

Source - http://www.theyucatantimes.com/2015/12/walled-mayan-community-with-megalithic-stones-found-in-northern-yucatan/

Archaeologists from the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) in Yucatan have found an extensive “walled” area with megalithic stones, a structure measuring just over 1.5 hectares (3.7 acres), in the mountains located in northeast Yucatan.

The researcher Cristian Hernández González, who works as a team with archaeologist Beatriz Quintal Suaste in the Ucí-Cansahcab region in the exploration project of over 1,350 hectares, where plans call for building a wind farm by the Spanish company Aldesa, said analysis of the evidence will help them establish dating.

Megalithic stones e1450376955794 1Photo: SIPSE.com
Megalithic stones have been found at a large Mayan site in northeast Yucatan.

As previously reported, these two archaeologists under the Second Symposium of Ichkaantijoo Mayan Culture in Yucatan INAH reported that 5,088 preHispanic structures were discovered during the exploration of 1,350 hectares. The rescue and conservation work to be carried out depends on the response from the Archaeology Council.Cristian Hernandez said the research work carried out here is important and there are some areas that deserve special attention, such as the “walled” enclosure as well as the different types of architecture prevalent in the zone.There is an area where ther are several housing groups in which have been found grinding stones to ceramics for household use, and a protected area of ​​just over 1.5 hectares,” he said.He said that the area is protected by a megalithic stone wall, inside which housing remains are found. However, from the enclosure, it appears it could have served for housing of an elite group.Hernandez said the next phase of archaeological exploration will determine dating for the community.http://sipse.com/milenio/antropologia-inah-descubrimiento-muralla-maya-yucatan-183307.html