Tel Tabla (Egypte) : discovery of a mud brick mastaba dated back to Late period.

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The ministry of Antiquities excavation team working in Tell Tabila in Dakahliya discovered 3 human skeletons dated back to Late Period underneath the sarcophagus they found last week.  So we will start with last week's discovery as we couldn't get photos of it then. Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim announced the discovery of a mud brick mastaba dated back to Late period. The Mastaba was discovered by the Egyptian team while excavating in Tell Tebila in Dakahliya governorate in Delta. The mastaba measures 7 x 10 meters divided into burial shafts. The minister said " The team found a limestone sarcophagus in the Mastaba dated back to the 2nd century B.C. for a woman called Werty daughter of Rtrs. The sarcophagus is 1.77 meters length, 37 cm width by the feet and 70 cm width by the chest. The mummy was found in the sarcophagus in a good shape of preservation."

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180 Ushabiti were found lined up horizontally in a space of 40 cm x 40 cm. All of those Ushabtis were taken to the restoration lab for needed conservation. 

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Ali Asfar, Head of the Ancient Egyptian antiquities department said "The discovered sarcophagus had a human shaped lid with inscriptions in hieroglyphics shows the titles of the owner." He also added that further excavations will take place which could help in finding more information on the sarcophagi owner.

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Today, the Minister added more to the discovery as 14 amulets were found by the first Skelton represents  Amun, Horus and Nephtys. 29amulets were found with the second Skelton while 12 amulets including Udjat eye, djed pillar and scarab beetles were found by the third Skelton.


The Egyptian team also found in the mastaba, two limestone tombs shaped like sarcophagus and covered with slabs of limestone.

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In the first tomb, a  mummy was found covered with a gold plated cartonnage and inscriptions in hieroglyphics including a cartouche of King "Wah Ib Re" -Psamtik  I of 26th Dynasty.

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The mummy is in a bad state as a result of the high humidity. A wooden chest was also found contains 300 faïence Ushabtis and amulets including Alba bird (white wagtail bird) amulet.

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In the second tomb, also a wooden chest was found contains 286 Ushabtis and the remains of internal wrapped body parts.

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The area is a Late Period cemetery including Dynasty 22 till Dynasty 26 sites. The Egyptian mission of the ministry of Antiquities still working on the site.