Sweetwater Creek (USA) Part-2 Petroglyphs of the Greater Antilles Islands


Petroglyphs of the Greater Antilles Islands


These supernatural creatures acted as guardians to mark territory or sacred areas. Credit: Wikipedia Commons

This is a more primitive version of a female guardian. Credit: Wikipedia Commons

This Taino stone stela in Puerto Rico was almost identical in size to the one found near Atlanta. Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Some rock art appears to have been humerous or perhaps portrayed real people. Credit: Wikipedia Commons

The artistic style of this guardian is very different than the one found in Atlanta or the cave in Puerto Rico. Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Many Taino petroglyphs were so abstract and complex that they appeared to be forms of communication. Credit: Wikipedia

A cache of stone stelas were found in a national park in the Virgin Islands that contain very different glyphs than those in Puerto Rico. Credit: National Park Service