Sheikh Abdel-Gournah (Egypte): Tomb from 18th dynasty discovered

Tomb of 18th dynasty government official accidentally found by Spanish-Italian team 

Nevine El-Aref 

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A Spanish-Italian team carrying out routine excavation work on Luxor's west bank has stumbled upon what is believed to be the tomb of Maayi, a top governmental official in the 18th dynasty.

Egypt's antiquities minister Mohamed Ibrahim told Ahram Online that the tomb was accidentally found by the excavation team via a hole in the wall of tomb number TT109, in the Sheikh Abdel-Gournah area.

Paintings on the tomb's walls show Maayi in different positions with family members, offering details on his daily life and family relations.

"The tomb is very well decorated, which reflects the luxurious life of its owner," Ibrahim said, adding that one wall painting depicts a feast with men and women gathered in front of a table filled with a variety of food.

Ibrahim said that the tomb is only partly discovered due to debris blocking the entrance. Excavation work is moving ahead to remove sand and rubble so that the rest of the tomb can be explored.

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