Nim Li Punit (Belize): Mystery Of The Jade Pendant

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Mapa nim li punitCarte de Nim Li Punit (Braswell et Daniels, 2013: 11). Crédit: Toledo Regional Interaction Project: UCSD/NICH.

Archeologists and researchers have made a monumental discovery at the Nim Li Punit Archeological site in Toledo. 26 ceramic pots and about 8 pieces of jade were found in a tomb at the site. Today the Director of the Institute of Archaeology Dr. John Morris invited us to share in this find – which is almost as significant as the iconic jade head. Professor of Anthropology, Dr. Geoffrey Braswell is leading the dig and he told me more

Dr. Geoffrey Braswell - Professor of Anthropology, University of California, San Diego 

"The palace is build in two stages. The first about 400 AD and about 800 it was remodelled we think because one quarter of the building has fallen so they needed to remodel it. Inside that remodel while they were working, they found an early tomb which they probably knew about but didn't expect to hit. So when they finished the final version, they rededicated the tomb, they moved bones around, the made all kind of offerings. Including, we have a bowl full of fingers, probably people cut off their own fingers as sacrifices. We have a lot of evidence of bloodletting the leaving of valuable artefacts. And finally they created the second tomb, they major find of this year.” 


Nim li punitNim4 6 15bA major discovery was made at the Nim Li Punit archaeological site located at Indian Creek Village, 25 miles out of Punta Gorda on the Southern Highway. Correspondent Paul Mahung was there and has the story.