Lu'an (Chine) - Warring States tombs' coffins unveiled


Lu'an Warring States tombs' coffins unveiled


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After more than twenty days of excavation, archeologists unveiled the coffins buried inside the tombs of the Warring States period tombs discovered in Lu'an of East China's Anhui Province.

Archeologists first opened up the inner coffin buried in the north tomb Wednesday morning. They found that the remains in the casket were totally surrounded by water.

After the water inside was bailed out, the remains of the tomb owner were visible.


An expert says that the human body had decomposed long ago, however, some of the bones remained. They also found many funerary pieces inside the coffin.

Although the tomb owner lived in an era more than 2-thousand years ago, the bones and hair of the person are still intact.

The texture of some textile fabrics are clearly visible.


Li Dewen, Anhui Archeological Institute, said, "The upper layer, which you see here, is the rotten costume the tomb owner once wore. And underneath are the remains."

Judging from the bones left and jade funerary items, experts predict that the tomb owner was a female. But the identity of the person still remains a mystery for lack of evidence.