Louxor (Egypte): Gold jewellery found in Tuthmosis III temple tomb

Source - http://www.archaeology.wiki/blog/2014/11/25/gold-jewellery-found-tuthmosis-iii-temple-tomb/

A small collection of jewellery made of gold, some bracelets, and a necklace with a pendant were found in one of the tombs that lie beneath the Temple of Millions of Years of Tuthmosis III in Luxor, in particular tomb No. XIV, during the first archaeological dig of the seventh season, under what was the hypostyle hall of the temple.

Pottery has allowed scientists to date the tomb to the Middle Kingdom. The new season began on October 15th; one of its objectives was to clean and protect the graves previously located by GPR. After finishing the cleaning of grave pit XIV, that was looted in antiquity, archaeologists found that one of the chambers had a collapsed roof; a large block of stone, which had fallen before the tomb was desecrated, had crushed a sarcophagus with its contents. Thus the theft of precious objects worn by the mummy inside it was avoided.

Egypt mummy 02 web 514x338

The mummy was destroyed but the jewels survived.

When removing the block, the researchers found traces of a sarcophagus and a mummy, completely destroyed; however, the jewels, that had been  buried, remained. The ‘Lady of the Jewels’ surely belonged to a higher social class and was buried with a pendant of semi-precious stones and gold cylinders which ended in a large shell of finely wrought gold.

Egypt mummy web 514x338

The gold jewels were in good condition whereas the silver ones were deeply corroded.

Moreover, each wrist wore a golden arm bracelet, composed of two interwoven threads, and an anklet bracelet of silver, similar to the arm bracelets, appeared on each ankle. The shell and gold arm bracelets were in good condition whereas the silver anklet bracelets are very deteriorated.

The team is directed by Dr. Myriam Seco Álvarez and Dr. Nur Abd el Gafar Mohamed.