Kanai Higashiura (Japon): buildings, burial mound, and pottery found

Source - http://japanesearchaeology.com/

Researchers are slowly revealing the world of the armor-wearing man discovered at the Kanai Higashiura site in Shibukawa city, Gunma prefecture.

It was announced on June 1 that two buildings, a kofun burial mound, and a great number of pottery were found in the vicinity. In addition to the three individuals discovered thus far, a fourth individual, whose sex cannot be determined, was also found.

The kofun burial mound is a round tomb measuring 15m in diameter and 2.5m in height. The two buildings are believed to have been residences, judging from the stoves found within.

Additionally, over 300 sherds of pottery were found nearby within a 3.8m by 3.6m area. Concentrations of pottery sherds in this fashion are often the remains of village rituals.