Guxian (Chine): 50 brick tombs from the Eastern Han, Tang and Song dynasties

Eastern Han Dynasty relics found in Anhui tombs


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More than 50 ancient and rare relics have been uncovered in a tomb excavation in Guxian County, of Anhui Province. The 53-tomb complex is thought to have been constructed over many periods as far back as the Eastern Han Dynasty, nearly 2,000 years ago.

The huge tomb complex was discovered accidentally on a construction site.

It contains over 50 brick tombs from the Eastern Han, Tang and Song dynasties.

Experts have been able to identify the type of people who were buried in some of the tombs.


Zhao Lanhui, deputy researcher of Bengbu Cultural Relics Institute, said, "Lying south to north would perhaps be people of four generations. Because of its size, we know the tomb is from the Song Dynasty. It's small and fairly simple in style. These tombs sometimes have quite a unique character, and have been known to be built in the shape of an animal."

Though some tombs have been plundered over the years, precious relics have emerged, such as bronze mirrors, gold and silver garments, and pottery boxes.

Most of the people buried here were thought to have been common people, until the discovery of one special, delicate and well preserved mirror.


Zhou Chongwen, archaeologist, said, "It's a relatively large bronze mirror, which means the owner had a certain social status."

The study is continuing into the tomb's history and the kind of people who lived here.

It's generating a great deal of interest in the area's heritage and cultural identity.