Edfou (Egypte): An Old Kingdom Discovery 

Ministry of Antiquities

Source - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ministry-of-Antiquities/336764893195328

Antiquities Minister Dr. Mamdouh Eldamaty declared the discovery of a group of archaeological jars that dates to the Old Kingdom and the Late Period. The discovery was made during the excavation work of Aswan Inspectorate team within the framework of the implementation of the second phase of the ground water level reduction project at Edfu Temple in Aswan.

Eldamaty clarified that the excavation works performed by the team at the site uncovered a number of burials and scattered bones at the debris, in addition to a copper mirror that dates back to the Old Kingdom.

On the other hand, General Director of Aswan Archaeological Area Nasr Salama said that the archaeological jars vary in shape and size as well as materials; some of them are made of alabaster while others are made of pottery. He added that the Edfu Inspectorate team has successfully terminated cleaning and restoration works of the discovered objects that are now ready to be transferred to the museum stores.

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