Chine : ancient sex toys discovered in the tombs of aristocrats from the Han dynasty

Laura Burnip

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Bronze dildos and jade butt plugs dating back 2,000 years have been uncovered by archaeologists in China.

Ancient sex toys were discovered in the tombs of aristocrats from the ancient Han dynasty which ruled two millennia ago.

Nintchdbpict000298614639A 2,000-year-old hollow bronze dildo believed to have been worn as a strap-on

Excavations of elites’ graves recovered two hollow bronze phallus-shaped objects which appear to have been worn as massive strap-on dildos – most likely by men.

But researchers believe the butt plugs were used for less sexual purposes and were to “seal up” a corpse in case of nasty leaks.

Yizheng Museum exhibition curator Fan Zhang told IFLScience: “Usable bronze dildos are still relatively rare finds, though far from unheard of, and they are occasionally found in elite tombs.

They were all definitely made for use, and we can speculate based on their various bases how they were worn.

Nintchdbpict000298614636A giant jade butt plug was among the items discovered by archaeologists in China

They’re all bespoke, and the ones we have here might have been laced into place with leather or silk thongs, though it’s not clear if they were designed for men or women — they’re not heavy at all — though the phallus without the ring form was likely for a man since it was found in a king’s tomb.”

Jade was a priceless commodity believed to be able to ward off spiritual and bodily decay, leading embalmers to believe the plugs were used to prevent this.