Chiclayo (Pérou): Remains of an Ancient Nobleman in an Aquatic Tomb

Jessica Menton

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Archaeologists unveiled an aquatic tomb in northern Peru on Tuesday they say belongs to an important noble from the Lambayeque culture who was buried here in the 12th or 13th centuries A.D. The tomb was discovered at an archaeological site about 8 miles west of the city of Chiclayo on Peru's northern coast.


The figure, whose sex hasn’t yet been determined, was buried with dozens of offerings signifying a high rank in the Lambayeque culture including an ornate chest plate made of gold, silver and copper. The figure was found buried below the only known female from the culture to have been entombed in the cultures unique and elaborate style.


The tomb is of additional interest because archaeologists believe it was intentionally built below the water table which they believe is a symbol to the importance of water to the Lambayeque culture. The team believes the remains belong to an important religious figure who also had important political ties.