Amphipolis (Grèce): Pebbled and decorated with black and white square patterns

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The Amphipolis tomb entrance has received a protective roof.

Amphipolis tomb entrance fully revealed, demonstrating exquisite mosaic floor

Pebbled and decorated with black and white square pattens. This is how one could describe the floor before the entrance to the tomb at Amphipolis according to the latest finds.

Archaeologists excavating the massive Macedonian style tomb have now fully revealed the monumental entrance to the building having also brought to light its floor, a latest report reveals. The floor, essentially a mosaic, covers the area central and just before the entrance: its while background is covered by square and rectangular patterns framed by a frieze full of rhomboid patterns.

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Mosaic floor complete with rectangular patterns before the entrance to the Ampipolis tomb. Photo: YPPOA

The facade itself demonstrates on its fresco a blue stripe that runs all along towards the side walls.

As the tomb’s inside is still covered by debris, the excavators will continue to remove it while restoration works will take place simoultaneously. In that framework, the monumental entrance with the Sphinxes has already been covered with a tent-like structure, while the site is to be refurbished so that the finds are protected and the people involved in the dig to have better working conditions. Finally, an interdisciplinary research team led by chief archaeologist Katerina Peristeri and consisting of a civil engineer, an architect, a topographer, a conservator and a geologists has been created, in order to technically support the research procedure lined up for the finds.

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Archaeologists removed dozens of massive stones sealing the entrance of the huge burial complex in Amphipolis, revealing the front of the monument almost entirely. The presence of soil in the antechamber would hint at tomb raiders plundering the site. BLOG: Sphinxes Emerge From Huge Ancient Greek Tomb GREEK MINISTRY OF CULTURE

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As the team led by Katerina Peristeri removed debris from the antechamber's interior, an inlaid composition of marble plaques appeared under the Ionic architrave, fully covering the side walls. BLOG: ‘Alexander the Sexy’ Seen in New Portrait GREEK MINISTRY OF CULTURE

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A pebbled floor was also unearthed in the center and front of the entrance. It consisted of rectangles and squares, surrounded by black and white diamond shapes. BLOG: Egyptian City Aligns with Sun on King’s Birthday GREEK MINISTRY OF CULTURE