Amphipolis(Grèce): frieze features bull and human forms

Greek Ministry of Culture

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The painted scenes that once decorated the marble sections above the architraves in the third chamber of the Amphipolis tomb (in which the spectacular mosaic is also located) are gradually being revealed.

Amphipolis 01

An animal, probably a bull, can be seen in the centre of this scene, flanked by a male  and female figure [Credit: Greek Ministry of Culture]

The marbles, on which the decoration is painted, were placed over the uprights of the walls and beneath the roof’s marble beams, which, as announced, also have painted decoration, namely imitation panels with attached rosettes. On one of the sections of the frieze, the central image of an animal, possibly a bull, is now discernible following the first phase of the preservation work which is continuing.

Amphipolis 4

A winged creature moves towards a three legged cauldron  [Credit: Greek Ministry of Culture]

Flanking the animal are a man and a woman, depicted in motion. To the right and left of the female and male figures respectively are urns and winged creatures. The winged creature on the right side is shown moving towards a three legged cauldron. In many areas of the painted scenes, such as on the woman’s headdress and the man’s garment, traces of red, blue and ochre are still visible. The upper section of the architrave is decorated in the Ionic style.