23 JANVIER 2017 NEWS: Palmyre - Aigai - Kenn Reefs - Mylapore -






SYRIE 20 01 17unesco 800x399 Palmyre - The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has confirmed the destruction of Palmyra’s famed tetrapylon and the facade of the ancient Syrian city’s Roman theatre. Palmyra’s theatre, dating from the 2nd century AD and was built in the centre of a semicircular colonnaded piazza located to the southwest of the main colonnaded street. UN analysis of satellite imagery shows damage at its formerly well-preserved proscenium wall, which was decorated with ten curved and nine rectangular niches placed alternately.


TURQUIE N 108768 1 Aigai - A sarcophagus, which has been unearthed during archaeological excavations in the ancient city of Aigai in the western province of Manisa, was revealed to have been belonged to a school principal after its pieces were reunited.  Yusuf Sezgin, the head of the Aigai excavations and an academic at Celal Bayar University’s archaeology department, said the sarcophagus dated back to 2,200 years ago and it was the first ever one that belonged to a principal in the history of archaeology.  Aigai in the Yunusemre district, which is one of the 12 cities founded by the people of Aiol in western Anatolia, has a history of 2,800 years. The pieces of the sarcophagus were recently unearthed in the city and reunited with the ones previously found in the same place since 2004.  As 80 percent of the sarcophagus was compiled, the findings unveiled that it belonged to a principal who was honored three times. “The ruins on the sarcophagus tell us something. There are three wreaths on the sarcophagus and each of them has a different meaning. The wreaths indicate that the person in this tomb was honored three times.  The name of this person is also written in the wreaths. One says ‘Neoi,’ which means he was honored by young people, and the other says ‘Aiollida,’ which means he was honored by the public. This is important for us. The third wreath on the sarcophagus has been damaged so we failed to understand who honored him,” Sezgin said.  “The tomb also has parchment, papyrus rolls and writing sets, which reveal that the person in this tomb is a teacher. In the ancient ages, there were schools which were called Neoi Gymnasion and were attended by young people. As far as we understand here, the person lying in this tomb is the head teacher of this school.  These people were called gymnasiarchos in the ancient ages. 


AUSTRALIE 8197236 3x2 700x467 Kenn Reefs - A team of researchers from the Australian National Maritime Museum and the Silentworld Foundation have discovered three shipwrecks in the Coral Sea. The wrecks, estimated to be at least 150 years old, were discovered during a week-long expedition to Kenn Reefs, 520 kilometres north-east of Bundaberg. The Kenn Reefs are a 42-square-kilometre string of submerged coral atolls located about half way between the Queensland coast and New Caledonia. The reefs were notorious among 19th century sailors; a previous expedition undertaken by the Queensland Museum in 1987 found nine other wrecks in the same area. A map printed in 1859 even describes the southern end of the reef as being "strewed with wrecks". Most of the shipwrecks found along the reef are from 19th century trading vessels on their way north to Jakarta, India and as far away as England.


INDE20dcmyprmylapor gvv153ucg 3 jpg Mylapore - The Tamil Nadu State Archaeology Department is carrying out a study of the locality Sixteen inscriptions found at the Kapaleeswarar temple, built in seventh century A.D., will be part of resources that will help understand the origins of Mylapore. Gayathri Vasudevan, a research scholar on epigraphy and archaeology at the Department, is spearheading the initiative. “Unlike many other neighbourhoods in the city, Mylapore has a long rich history dating back to the early Christian era. But, so far, we don’t have a comprehensive history of the neighbourhood. The ongoing exercise is an attempt in that direction,” says Gayathri, who is also a resident of Anna Nagar.