22-23 FEVRIER 2015 NEWS: Kingston - Srinagar - Bolton - Reeds Lake - Şirince -






ROYAUME UNI – 81132310 madyngley1 Kingston - "Heartbreaking" graffiti uncovered in a Cambridgeshire church has revealed how three sisters from one family died in a plague outbreak in 1515. The names Cateryn, Jane and Amee Maddyngley and the date were inscribed on stonework in Kingston parish church. It was found by Norfolk and Suffolk Medieval Graffiti Survey volunteers. Archaeologist Matt Champion said the project had shown church plague graffiti was "far more common than previously realised". "The most heartbreaking inscriptions are those that refer to long-dead children," he said.


INDE - Srinagar - The government apathy and unabated encroachments has left the historic Kalai in summer capital Srinagar into complete shambles– posing a question mark on the department of archaeology and other agencies. Just a few kilometres away from City nerve centre, Lal Chowk, the historic “Kalai” wall is damaged in various places due to the illegal encroachments and the negligence of the government agencies, including archaeological department. One of Kalai’s three gates (Sangen Darwaza) is prone to a major collapse, posing threat to the locals. The other gates, including Bachi Darwaza and Kathi Darwaza too have a similar tales to tell. In 1590, Emperor Akbar constructed the first fortifications on the site. By 1606, the construction of 4.75 km long, 10-meter high rampart wall known as Nagar Nagar Kalai, was completed. The fort was accessed through three gates. Kathi Darwaza, the main entrance in the outer wall from the southern side has a domed chamber in the center and two recesses on the sides. It has Persian commemorative inscriptions on its walls and ceilings. The second entrance to the fort from northern side, Sangeen Darwaza, is a huge arched gate built of stones in a typical Mughal-architectural style. It has two windows on two sides of the dome that encompasses it. Bachi Darwaza is the third gate to the fort from the western side.


ROYAUME UNI – Index Bolton - Radcliffe Tower in Close Park was once three storeys high and is the only visible remains of the de Radcliffe family’s ancient manor. Salford University archaeologists initially excavated in October 2013, exposing the foundations of the 17th century Tower Farm and 19th century Tower Street cottages. After the discovery of medieval stonework, tiles and pottery sparked a follow-up dig last September, a 15th century doorway and floor and stone plinth bases from the great hall which once joined onto the tower were discovered. Now another dig to excavate underneath the former Tower Street cottages and work out the extent of medieval floor remains will take place between April 13 and May 15.


USA60ac7ad4c9fdd240 Reeds Lake - Three steam-driven excursion boats have been resting at the bottom for decades. Steamboats were a popular mode of transportation on Reeds Lake from 1882 to 1956, 74 years. Friday, underwater archaeology programs from three Michigan colleges ventured out to survey and image the wrecks. They dropped a sonar unit called an ROV, or a remotely-operated vehicle, into the lake to find the ships.The SS Hazel A sank in the mid 1920s, while the SS Ramona sank in the mid 1950s. The location of the Hazel has been known for over 40 years, but the exact whereabouts of the Ramona isn't known. This group was hoping to end that mystery.


TURQUIE – N 78698 1 Şirince - A tender will be initiated tomorrow for the restoration of St. John’s Church, which is popular among tourists in the Şirince neighborhood of Selçuk in İzmir. As part of a protocol among the İzmir Building Survey and Monuments Directorate, Selçuk Municipality and İzmir Governor’s Office, the restoration of the church will be financed with funds from the governor’s office’s Investment Monitoring and Coordination Directorate, Selçuk Mayor Zeynel Bakıcı said in a statement.