17 MARS 2016 NEWS: Pattarai Perumbudhur - Kahaluu - Arequipa -







INDEPattarai 1 2776483f Pattarai Perumbudhur  - Archaeologists from Tamil Nadu State Archaeology Department survey the excavation site using Total Station Theodolite (TST) equipment in Pattarai Perumbudhur village near Chennai on Thursday. The potsherds, archaeologists said, are dated between 5th century B.C and 1st century B.C of the Megalithic period. But, what makes the Pattarai Perumbudhur site different from other excavation sites in Chennai and elsewhere in Tamil Nadu is that the site remains “undisturbed” in terms of human settlements. Pattarai Perumbudhur is believed to be sitting on an archaeological goldminePattarai Perumbudhur, a nondescript village on National Highway (NH 205) that connects the city with neighbouring Andhra Pradesh via Tiruvallur, is known only for its 7th century A.D. Pallava-era Shiva temple. Many of those who drive to the hillock temples at Tirutani and Tirupati, do so after visiting the Shiva temple in Pattarai Perumbudhur.


HAWAII3135146 web1 ocean villas 0005 Kahaluu - A modified version of a massive condominium plan has resurfaced for 43 acres of culturally significant land above Kahaluu Beach Park. The plan was scaled down from 338 units to allow for cemetery buffers following the release of a draft environmental assessment in 2013. In all, there are 58 historical sites on the land, with 17 of them regarded as significant by archaeologists. These include 59 platforms, 44 mounds, 31 enclosures, 21 terraces and a burial crypt among 247 features. Like plans before it, some residents oppose this one. Simmy McMichael said the project would bring congestion, and questioned the suitability of the condos on historic grounds. “This land is where Kamehameha I and Kamehameha III lived,” said McMichael, who owns two homes directly makai of the site.“No respect. The chiefs should be left to rest in peace. What part of historic preservation district don’t they understand? Building concrete condos without full archaeology survey. Documentary research of 1929 to 1930 shows the ahupuaa of Kahaluu probably had the greatest number of archaeology sites to be found anywhere on the island.”


PEROU 624x468 32 Arequipa - While checking for rain damage on a school’s rooftop, parents of children at Independencia Americana school in Arequipa found a large box with an object inside, covered with layers of blankets. Police from the Palacio Viejo station, Arequipa, arrived at the school and realized it was indeed a human in a fetal positioncovered by cloths. They called in an investigator, anthropologists and forensic experts to confirm the findings. According to initial observations, they believe the mummy to be pre-Inca, but no further information has been revealed.

VIDEO = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pW8hbPus8I