05 AVRIL 2017 NEWS: Bayeux - Iznik - Nicomedia -






FRANCEBayeux un site gallo romain decouvert sous le college jeanne d arc Bayeux - Depuis le 13 mars 2017, les archéologues effectuent un diagnostic dans l’ancien collège de la rue des Bouchers. Ils ont mis au jour les vestiges d’un site vieux de deux mille ans. Alors que ce diagnostic s’achève l’établissement a révélé une partie de ses secrets. « Nous avons découvert un étonnant bâtiment, sous la cour de récréation. Une construction qui pourrait être un habitat privé, mais cossu ou un bâtiment public datant de la fin du premier siècle. » Bijoux, monnaies et ustensiles en bronze ont également été sortis de terre, après un sommeil de plus de 2 000 ans. « Il semble que cette parcelle, à l’extérieur des remparts, ait été oubliée, jusqu’à la construction des bâtiments qui abritaient cet établissement scolaire. »


TURQUIEN 111550 1 Iznik - Restoration work has been initiated in the 2,000-year-old Gate of Istanbul, the most magnificent part of the city walls in the northwestern city of Bursa’s İznik district.  İznik is one of the important pilgrimage centers for the world of Christianity as the 1st and 7th Ecumenical Councils were held there in 325 and 787 A.D. and was home to the Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman civilizations.  The project to turn the sunken basilica in the lake into a museum and others works in the ancient theater, tile furnaces, Abdulvahap Hill, khans and madrasahs have still been continuing in the city. Works have been accelerated for İznik, the capital of the Eastern Roman and the Seljuk empires that hold great significance for both Muslims and Christians, to enter the UNESCO World Heritage List.  The Gate of Istanbul, which is 4,970 meters in total, with 12 secondary gates and 114 towers, which are 10-15 meters away from each other, features the delicacies of war and defense strategies of the era.  Built in the 1st century in the northern entrance of the ancient Nicaea, the Gate of Istanbul is the most magnificent gate of the city walls as it opens to Constantinople.  The gate has changed after undergoing many sieges, natural disasters and interventions through the centuries, but has survived until now. After the restoration process, the gate will become a unique work showing the traces of all those civilizations. 

TURQUIE - 645x344 construction workers find 3 ancient roman era tombs in turkeys izmit province 1491219623114 Nicomedia - Construction workers in Turkey's eastern Marmara region have discovered three sarcophagi from the Roman-period, thought to have belonged to a noble family, reports said on Monday. The sarcophogi were reportedly found at the construction site of the municipal water and sewarage administration building near the coast in Kocaeli's İzmit district, which was referred to as Nicomedia and served as the eastern capital of the Roman Empire in the Third and Fourth centuries (AD).