Rapports Archeo 2018

Great Whelnetham (G-B): Decapitated Skeletons Unearthed in Roman Cemetery

Linzi (Chine) : Hundreds of Tiny Terracotta Warriors Found Guarding 2,100-Year-Old Site

Atacama (Chili) : Ceremonial Complexes Revealed

- Hatnub (Egypte) : This 4,500-Year-Old Ramp Contraption May Have Been Used to Build Great Pyramid

Doliche (Turquie) : When the Syrians bathed like the Romans

Interior northwest Indians used tobacco long before European contact

- Santa Ana-La Florida  (Equateur) : Researchers find cacao originated 1,500 years earlier than previously thought

Extensive trade in fish between Egypt and Canaan 3,500 years ago

Paynes Creek (Belize) : a Maya salt mine

Torcello -Italie) : Eighth-century skeleton found

Earliest Mediterranean cheese production revealed by pottery over 7,000 years old

Shimao (Chine) : Human Sacrifices At Massive Pyramid Along Great Wall

- Thera (Grèce) : New Study Indicates Santorini Volcano Erupted After 1600 BC

Georgie (USA) :Discovery of copper band shows Native Americans engaged in trade more extensively than thought

Kuolimojarvi (Finlande) : Archaeologists found traces of submerged Stone Age settlement

Archaeologists identify sources of ancient Egyptian copper

Prehistoric mass graves may be linked to tsunamis

- Now we finally know what Ancient Greek music sounded like

Chalcis (Grèce) : Old Theban port : a medieval maritime crossroads in Greece

Brésil : Ancient farmers transformed Amazon and left an enduring legacy on the rainforest

Archaeologists identify ancient North American mounds using new image analysis technique

Rapa Nui (Chili): Islanders used rope, ramps to put giant hats on famous statues

A Crucial Archaeological Dating Tool Is Wrong, And It Could Change History as We Know It

On the origins of agriculture, researchers uncover new clues

Castelluccio : Italy's oldest olive oil discovered in peculiar pot

Wadi Abu Dom (Soudan) :Archaeologists post research data online

- Pachacamac (Pérou) : archaeologists discover a 1,000-year-old mummy

Tell es-Safi/Gath ( Israel )Early evidence of use of a bit on domestic donkeys found in the Near East

Egypte :Earliest version of our alphabet possibly discovered

- Strasbourg (France) : Des occupations du néolithique à l'Age du Fer

Seeds of domestic plants found in the burial sites of ancient nomads

Peace treaty between Ramesses II and ?attušili III, c. 1259 B.C

Ancient Egyptian Incantations Tell of Biblical Human Sacrifice

Huanchaco (Pérou) : Ancient Shark Fishermen Found Buried with Extra Limbs

Saqqara (Egypte) :More than 3000 years of human activity in 5 square metres

Simulation Suggests Viking Sunstones of Legend Could Have Worked

Sedeinga (Soudan) : Nubian Stone Tablets Unearthed

Kokura (Japon) : 400-year-old documents reveal evidence of opium production and winemaking

Ur (Iraq) : Insights into early urban life

Mato Grosso (Brésil) : Parts of the Amazon thought uninhabited were actually home to up to a million people

Ceibal (Guatemala): Dogs Were Transported Across Great Distances for Ancient Maya Rituals

Sedeinga (Soudan):Ancient Nubia—in the footsteps of the Napata and Meroe kingdoms

Fort San Juan (USA) :Archaeologist uncovers hidden history of conquistadors in American South

Kanaljorden  (Suède): Smashed Skulls On Spikes

Avendaños Cave (Mexique): What Was This 2,000-Year-Old Parrot Mummy Doing in Mexico?

- Mésopotamie: Clay tablets from the cradle of civilisation provide new insight to the history of medicine

Gird-i Shamlu (Iraq): Riddles in time and space

Edfou (Egypte): Newly discovered buildings reveal clues to ancient Egyptian dynasties

Tlalpan (Mexique): Interlocked Skeletons Found at Pre-Aztec Burial Site

Guatemala: Thousands of Mysterious Maya Structures Discovered

Hunting for the ancient lost farms of North America

Ribe (Danemark): Why Archaeologists Are Excited About a Viking Comb

Mohalsen  (Norvège): Houses reused for over 1000 years during Stone Age

Dhaskalio  (Grèce): Unusually sophisticated prehistoric monuments and technology revealed in the heart of the Aegean

Tuva (Russie): archaeologist discovers the earliest tomb of a Scythian prince

Tell Jalul (Jordanie): archaeologist explores the tell

Chance Blackbeard Discovery Reveals Pirate Reading Habits

Mohuchahangoukou -Chine): Did ancient irrigation technology travel Silk Road?