Articles de Presse 2017-1

Triquet Island (Canada) : Heiltsuk First Nation village among oldest in North America

Qubbet al-Hawa (Egypte) :  4,000yo tomb discovery sheds new light on lives of  noblemen

Herculaneum (Italie): The House of the Telephus

Poseidonia (Italie) :2,500 Years Old Luxurious Greek Palace Found

Pineland (USA) :  dig yields rare Calusa artifacts

Qubbet el-Hawa (Egypte) : Archaeologists Discover Unopened 4000-Year-Old Tomb

Harput (Turquie) :  relief changes region’s history

Pengshan (Chine) : Legendary sunken treasure discovered

Beit Shemesh (Israel) : In a warehouse, clues about Jesus’ life and death

Falerii Novi (Italie) : Huge Roman temple discovered

Ust-Polui (Russie) : 2,000 year old warrior armour made of reindeer antlers found on the Arctic Circle

Did a historian from Ecuador find the lost ‘treasure’ of the Incas — in a book?

Tlaxcala (Mexique) : early democratic societies in the Americas

Avignon (France) :Exceptional grave reveals 7,000-year-old garments Stone Age man was buried in

Datong (Chine) : Ancient Tomb Decorated with Vibrant Murals Found

Asuka (Japon) : excavation raises questions about structure on ancient site

- Aoyayokogi  (Japon) :  Tree roots from late 10th century signal a show of power

Achavanich -G-B) : Pollen adds to intrigue over Bronze Age woman 'Ava'

Dazu (Chine) : Mythical Chinese psychic beings identified in Rock Carvings

- Irukkanthurai (Inde) : a medieval period port city

Asuka (Japon) : Evidence of large burial mound points to resting place of emperor

Gela (Italie) : Fabled 'Atlantis Alloy' Recovered in Greater Numbers From Ancient Shipwreck

Munigua (Espagne): Vast Roman Mining Operation

Yur-Yakha III (Russie) : Medieval burials on Yamal peninsula may have been ritualistic sacrifices

Daliang (Chine) : ancient tombs with rare cultural relics

- Port Eynon (G-B) :  Human footprints discovered on Welsh coastline are 7,000 years old

Thulamela (Afrique du Sud) : Iron-Age Kingdom

Mount Latmos (Turquie) : Illustrated novel of a family

Chandraketugarh (Inde) a city that never existed

Tara (Russie) : 400-year-old roast turnip dinner unearthed

Beit She’arim (Israel) :  Archaeologists shocked to find ancient gateway at ‘House of Gates’

Sangre de Christo Mountains (USA) :Secrets of the Saguache stone snakes

Lucciana (France): ils fouillent des villages, ils trouvent un Dieu

Colima (Mexique) :1,700-Year-Old Untouched Tomb Yields Elaborate Headdress Figurine

Kiryat Ye’arim (Israel) :  Archaeologists to break ground at biblical site where Ark of the Covenant stood

- Qantir (Egypte) : 'Monumental' building complex discovered

Leicester (G-B) : Roman mosaic floor discovered during city centre excavations

- Pazyryk (Russie) : Tattooed owners of the world's oldest carpets get health check after 2,200 years

Keros (Grèce): More Findings at Oldest Island Sanctuary

Abu Dhabi : Archaeological excavations cast new light on earliest inhabitants

- Chine : ancient sex toys discovered in the tombs of aristocrats from the Han dynasty

Hippos-Sussita (Israel) : Archaeologists Uncover Roman Theater, Bathhouse

Louxor (Egypte) : new Ramses-era tomb  discovered

Iklaina (Grèce): How an unknown monumental palace rewrites ancient Greek history

- Kori/ Heka (Japon) : 2,000-year-old clay doll dug up in one piece

Telangana (Inde) :  chamber tombs reveal burial secrets

Ardnamurchan (G-B) : 'Warrior of high status' buried at Viking site

Okinawa (Japon) : 3,000-year-old Tohoku pottery shard uncovered

- Eigg (G-B) : Scientists divided over whether 'Furku.Al' rock inscription is genuinely the work of Vikings

Gizeh (Egypte) : Les barques solaires n’ont pas dit leur dernier mot

Gegharkunik  (Arménie) : Archaeological finds of Urartian era discovered

Stanwick (G-B) : Archaeologists discover man whose tongue was replaced by a stone

Timna (Israel) : King Solomon’s Mines Could be Copper Supercomplex

- Pompéi (Italie) : New research examines ancient Roman trash

Trusty’s Hill  (G-B) :  The lost kingdom of Rheged

Bay of Islands (N-Z) : Dig uncovers New Zealand's earliest arrivals

El Mirador (Guatemala): Maya Superhighway Discovered

Gebel al Silsila (Egypte): archaeologists discover 12 ancient cemeteries

Bruxelles (Belgique):  au temps des Romains

Hippos (Israel): Roman theater found may have been religious center

Burkina Faso : Ancient settlements in shed light on the secrets of the Kurumba people

Duolun (Chine): Many relics unearthed from Liao Dynasty tomb

Kouklia (Chypre): Archaeologists uncover more secrets from ancient palace and tomb