Rapport archeo 2017-1

Medieval men were diagnosed with infertility and prescribed treatments

- Berne (Suisse) :Archaeologists find key to tracking ancient wheat in frozen Bronze Age box

Sai (Soudan) : The goldsmith’s tomb

- In Ancient Rome, Lemons Were Only for the Rich

Vallée des Rois (Egypte) : King Tut's Wife May Be Buried in Newly Discovered Tomb

Auch (France) : une vaste demeure aristocratique mise au jour

Synchrotron light used to show human domestication of seeds from 2000 BC

Jebel Qurma (Jordanie) : hundreds of 4,000 year old stone 'tower' tombs found

Thonons les Bains (France) : Un atelier de potier du Ier siècle

Messène (Grèce) : Ancient theaters used moveable stages more than 2,000 years ago

Easter Island(Chili) :  not victim of 'ecocide', analysis of remains shows

Vindolanda (G-B) : Roman writing tablets found

New studies of ancient concrete could teach us to do as the Romans did

Gournah (Egypte) : fragments of a lost temple... in a storage

Borgring (Danemark) : New discovery could rewrite Viking fortresses’ history

Kosina (Pologne) : Unique figurine from 7 thousand years ago discovered in arable field

Water Bottles Used By Native Americans May Have Been Accidentally Killing Them

Researchers document early, permanent human settlement in Andes

Elkab (Egypte) : Archaeologists discover earliest monumental hieroglyphs

When – and why -  Did People First Start Using Money?

Sai Island (Soudan) : Tomb of Gold Worker Found

Abydos (Egypte) : A Pharaoh’s Massive Tomb Unveiled

Project maps Greek ceramic production over five millennia

Ile Ife (Nigeria) :1,000-Year-Old Colored Glass Beads Discovered

Rennes (France) vestiges gallo-romains dans le parc des Tanneurs

Slough (G-B) : Archaeologists discover mound is 'prestigious' Anglo-Saxon monument

Rottnest Island (Australie) : Rare glass spearhead found

Mésopotamie : Ancient grain tells the tale of our ancestors' cities

La Quebrada (Argentine) :This Mask Is Among the Oldest Human-Made Metal Objects in South America

Radiocarbon dating of phytolith traces rice domestication to 10,000 years ago

Bestansur (Iraq) : Unusual 'House Of The Dead' About Earliest Farmers

 Porphyreon (Liban) :Ceramic Heads of Possible Goddesses Discovered in Ancient Waste Dump

Newbold-on-Stour (G-B) : Henge Monument and Mysterious Burials Uncovered

Ambérieu en Bugey (France) : un ensemble funéraire du Néolithique Moyen

Żmijowiska  (Pologne) : Sour soup for the gods - discovery in a medieval hut

Surprisingly complex portrait of ancient trade networks in the south-central Andes

Resurrecting identities in the Andes

Early farmers probably didn’t really know how to select crops — but they were very lucky

Torksey (G-B) : Archaeologists Uncover Viking Army Camp

Medieval people reopened graves to honour family

Lac Nemi (Italie) : Mystery of Emperor Caligula’s Party Ships Could Be Revealed After 2,000 Years

BeniHassan (Egypte) : Tomb Drawing Shows Mongoose on a Leash

Dra Abu el-Naga (Egypte) : a funeral garden known of until now only through iconography

Hegra (Norvège) : Three-thousand-year-old axes found

Xinzhou (Chine) : Tomb with 'Blue Monster' Mural Discovered

Iron-age Viking longhouses were burned and buried in funerals

Uffington hill (G-B) : carving was worshipped as 'sun horse' in prehistoric Britain

Nea Paphos (Chypre) :  ancient houses discovered

Kutoyis (USA) : Centuries Old Pemmican-Making Camp Uncovered

Gȍbekli Tepe (Turquie) : Ancient stone confirms date of comet strike

Chengdu (Chine) : Wooden Figurines 'Weave' at Tiny Looms Placed in Ancient Grave

- Poligny (France) : un établissement rural gallo-romain

Milan (Italie) : Long-awaited rescue for valuable silk tunic

Fantastic eggs and where to find them

Inner Mongolia (Chine) : Silk-Covered Body Discovered

Prehistoric Macaws of The American Southwest

Champomey (France):un site médiéval à proximité de la seigneurie

Food webs from the Ancestral Puebloan entangle humans, animals, crops and the environment

Schnidejoch Pass  (Suisse) : Prehistoric alpine farming in the Bernese Oberland

Timna (Israël) : Fresh Clues to Mystery of King Solomon's Mines

Steppe migrant thugs pacified by Stone Age farming women

Wharram Percy (G-B) : New archaeological evidence throws light on efforts to resist 'the living dead'

Ayios Tychonas-Klimonas (Chypre) : The fifth season of excavations completed

Uzès (France) : De fabuleuses mosaïques romaines découvertes

San Nicolao di Pietra Colice (Italie) : Rare 'Coffin Birth' Found in Black Death Burial Site

Oaxaca (Mexique) : Ancient palace complex discovered

Ampelakia (Grèce) : Naval Base Believed to Have Been Used in the Legendary Battle of Salamis Found

Icelandic drinking horn changes our historic understanding of St. Olav

- Montlhéry (France) : fouille d'un quartier urbain

Qubbet el-Hawa (Egypte) : ritual images from the Neolithic period

Amboise (France) : Un secteur artisanal Gaulois et antique

Colorado (USA) : archaeologists study the "living ruins"

Did humans create the Sahara Desert?

Silk Road evolved as 'grass-routes' movement

Angkor (Cambodge) :  Advanced Radar Tech Could Save Ancient City's Collapsing Monuments

- Ancient peoples shaped the Amazon rainforest

Palaces of Ancient Persia Were Built with 'Fire Temple' Wood

- Why Danish Vikings moved to England

Ørland (Norvège) :  1,000-year-old toy boat in abandoned well

Mariana (France) : Le dieu Mithra découvert en Corse

Nim Li Punit  (Belize) : Second largest Maya jade found has unique historical inscription

- Stevns (Danemark) : Did Stone Age people build a large labyrinth ?

Omrit (Israel) : 1,900-year-old Roman house covered in PENIS-shaped amulets discovered

Orthez (France) : Mise au jour d'un cimetière d'hôpital

Iron Age Potters Carefully Recorded Earth's Magnetic Field — By Accident

Chia Sabz (Iran) : Skeleton of ‘GIANT’ uncovered along with huge 2,500-year-old treasure haul

Székelyföld (Roumanie) : skeleton puzzles archaeologists

Madinat al-Zahra (Espagne) : Using new archaeological techniques

Mount Grojec (Pologne) : oldest glass-making workshop in Poland , approx. 2 thousand years old

Heuneburg (Allemagne) : Excavation of Celtic priestess’ grave reveals gold, gems, armour

Students recreate 5,000-year-old Chinese beer recipe

- Fallaka (Koweit) :  a jewellery workshop containing 3,500 year old semiprecious stones.

Caldwell Creek (USA) : Wildfire Reveals ‘Massive’ Shoshone Camp

Shifting monsoon altered early cultures in China

Acre (Brésil) : Hundreds of ancient earthworks built in the Amazon

Taiyuan (Chine) :  Ancient Tomb of Chinese General and Princess Filled with Figurines

Climate change drove population decline in New World before Europeans arrived

The ancient Indus civilization's adaptation to climate change

Mont St Michel (France) : découverte, inattendue, du cimetière paroissial

Mesa Verde (USA) : Advanced geometry no secret to prehistoric architects in US Southwest

Ceibal (Guatemala) : Archaeologists uncover new clues to Maya collapse

Koma (Ghana) : figurines reveal trading routes of prehistoric African civilisation

Herculaneum (Italie) :Ancient Sundial Shaped Like Ham Was Roman Pocket Watch

- Birka (Suède) : Major Viking Age manor discovered

al-Ghazali (Soudan) : Massive Burial Ground Unearthed at Medieval Monastery

Balti (Moldovie) : Archaeologists discovered 7 thousand old years old house

- Tissamaharama (Sri Lanka): Unique plaque depicting a Universal Monarch

Iraq :Pile of Skeletons Found Inside 2,400-Year-Old Tomb

Ancient Egyptian pot burials were not just for the poor