Conférence et interview

Keezhadi  (Inde) : Sangam-era site is as complex as Indus Valley

Suchdol (Rép. Tchèque) : deux tombes plurimillénaires découvertes

Tanzanie : Unearthing the origins of East Africa's lost civilization

Taposiris Magna (Egypte): Cleopatra's tomb may have been found

Blå Jungfrun  (Suède):  site of Stone Age rituals

Jiroft (Iran): cradle of human civilization

Fresco probably originated in Iran

Aphrodisias (Turquie): Gladiator Fights Revealed in Ancient Graffiti

Chagres River (Panama): Mysterious Shipwreck Identified

Ayia Irini (Grece): ‘A room with a view’ on the island of Kea

New England (USA): The discovery and restoration of ancient Wabanaki crops"

There’s archeological evidence that Amazons really did exist

Paphos (Chypre) during the Hellenistic and Roman periods

Did earthquakes spell doom for ancient Mississippian societies?

Amathus(Chypre): the enigmatic city

Knossos (Grèce): Piecing the puzzle of ‘Prepalatial’ Knossos

'Blue Hole' (Belize):  Clues to the Maya's Demise

Collapsed cultures: Our Western civilization itself is a bubble

Teotihuacan (Mexique): L'offrande 48 du Projet Tlalocan

Agios Sozomenos (Chypre):  the Late Bronze Age, the new excavations

Apatheia (Grèce): The Mycenaean Chamber Tombs

- Agathonisi (Grèce): An antique apiary

Cheresharnika (Bulgarie):Over 200 coins were found during archaeological diggings

Malte : Archaeologist is on a roll with tale of ancient bread VIDEO

Saqqara (Egypte): découverte des trois cercueils de Tjenet-Akhet

- Idalion (Chypre): The Phoenician Archive

Iklaina (Grèce): the formation of Mycenaean States

Halos (Grèce): Archaeology and an odd polis

Erétrie (Grèce): The raise of an empire on the move

Corinthe (Grèce): The material culture of the humble homes

Samothrace (Grèce)  and the NE Aegean in Prehistory

Zambratija (Croatie): Découverte d’un bateau de l’âge de bronze

Ghajn Tuffieha (Malte): Still discovering things about the Roman baths

Nicosie (Chypre) : excavations in the Bronze Age necropolis

- Spatial organization in Minoan and Mycenaean architecture

Athènes (Grèce): The graffiti on the Propylaia of the Acropolis

Miletos (Grèce): Agora and Town Planning Before and After the Persian Wars

Aetolo-Acarnania (Grèce): “Tracing” Tholos Tombs

Athènes (Grèce): Bouphonia: Killing Cattle on the Acropolis

"Lost" New England Revealed by High-Tech Archaeology

Mygdalia (Grèce): The Mycenaean settlement and the tombs

Saqqara (Egypte): Egyptologist thinks he has found tomb of artist who created famed bust of Nefertiti

Sarawak (Malaisie) : Metal age existed in Kelabit Highlands

Rataria (Bulgarie): Resuming excavations in ancient Roman city

Pompéi (Italie) : Amica, a Roman slave

Journey to the Copper Age: A Video Lecture by Thomas E. Levy

Santa Rita (Belize):Unearthing A Thousand Year Old Burial Crypt

Mariannes du Nord : Dig on Tinian pushes back settlement 3400 years

Drought May Have Killed Sumerian Language

Ce que disent (vraiment) les Mayas

El Peru Waka (Guatemala): GlobalPost interviews the discoverer of the final resting place of Lady K'abel

Stonehenge (G-B): revu et corrigé par des archéologues

Qui étaient vraiment nos ancêtres ?

- Istabl Antar (Egypte): Early Egyptian Islamic site in dire danger

- Deir Mar Musa (Syrie): Desert mystery

Chinese archaeology proves early East-West links

L’Archéologie a retrouvé l’Histoire de France

Failaka Island (Koweit): ‘a treasure land’ for archeological excavations

- Oman : 40 years of explorations along the seashores

Hohokam decorated pots hold clues to vital mystery

- Bhanbore (Pakistan) : Excavation to resume soon

- Sarceaux (France) : Des vestiges gaulois et romains découverts

2012 :les prophéties mayas

Taking tips from Vikings can help us adapt to global change

- Illinois (USA) : Pipestone relics from the Middle Woodland period

Carthagène (Espagne) : Une crise urbaine à la fin du Haut-Empire ?

Thasos (Grèce) : Interview du Pr Arthur Muller

 - Qumran (Israël) : What Are the Dead Sea Scrolls?

 - Des traces de peinture murale à Paquimé

 - Le Mans, naissance aux Jacobins

 - Toulouse : Niel est un site d'intérêt européen

 - Narbonne : "La romanité retrouvée"

 - Samoa hosts Lapita Pacific Achaeological meet

 - Mayas, autodestruction d'une civilisation

 - Les allées couvertes de Kabylie.

 - Ste-Margueritte est un site important du point de vue patrimonial et archéologique

 - Phases of early Buddhism in South India and Sri Lanka

 - Pyramids Represent Prehispanic Foundational Myth

 - "Tout a commencé au néolithique"

 - "Journées de l’Archéologie 2011"

 - "Projet Ambatovy"

 - "BANGALORE: There's some history under our feet"

   " UAE - Archaeologists mourn loss of ancient sites to development"

  - "New archeological discoveries revel at Archaeology of UAE conference"

 - "Aires linguistiques / aires culturelles : études de correspondances en Europe occidentale, zones Manche et Atlantique"

 - "Collapse of Mayan Civilization Blamed on Environmental Damage"

 - "L'archéologie française file un mauvais coton"

 - "Evidence from archaeological digs reveals Chinook wealth "

 - "Une spécialiste de Néandertal « pessimiste sur notre avenir »"

 - "King Tut's wife's tomb may emerge in 2011"

 - "Un trésor archéologique maltraité"

 - "Green archaeology"

 - 'Traces d'une langue disparue"

 - "The origins of wine and beer"

 - "Future of epigraphy in India"

 - "Paupers and the pyramids"

 -Interview d'Henri-Paul Frankfort, CNRS, sur le changement climatique

 - "The first Emperor's terracotta army recruited outside China"

 - "Préhistoires de l'écriture"

 - "Iconographic analysis on murals reveal Maya military life"

 - "Batailles et tectiques militaires dans le Yucatan ..."

 - "Teotihuacan's emblematic monument, the Sun pyramid still an enigma for archaeologists"

 - "Un nouvel axe de recherche : la géoarchéologie"

 - "Representations of Naguals in Prehispanic codices" .