Articles de Presse 2017-2

Cape Tsuzuraozaki (Japon): Experts bowled over by ancient urn found on bed of Lake Biwako

Dolice (Turquie): Collection of Ancient Clay Seals

Legio (Israel): Cremated Soldier Found in Cooking Pot at Vast Roman Camp

China’s First Emperor Obsessed with ‘Eternal Life

Naxos (Grèce): Cluster of Roman Shipwrecks

- Kikonai (Japon): Painted stone finding gives clues to ancient spiritual culture

Arles - Verrerie (France) : les fouilles s'arrêtent mais le travail va continuer

Jericho (Palestine):  5,000-Year-Old Cosmetics, Jewelry

Gebel al-Silsila (Egypte): Ancient child burials found

Lechaion (Grèce): Underwater excavations at the ancient harbour of Corinth, provide insight into engineering by the Roman Empire

Megiddo (Israel) : Hidden hoard hints at how ancient elites protected the family treasures

Kom Ombo / Assouan (Egypte) : Antiquities Min. announces 2 archaeological discoveries

Turquie : Thousands of Assyrian tablets reveal clues to location of lost cities

Alexandrie (Egypte) :  Roman shipwrecks among latest seafloor discoveries near Alexandria

Tel Lachish (Israel) : Toilet found in 3000-year-old shrine verifie Bible stories against idol worship

Shuwaymis (Arabie Saoudite) : These may be the world’s first images of dogs—and they’re wearing leashes

Yakushinoue (Japon) :  2,000-year-old tool offers new proof of Japan’s earliest writing

Xi'an (Chine) : New archaeology findings suggest city of may be 5,500 years old

Kültepe (Turquie) :First infertility diagnosis made 4,000 years ago discovered in cuneiform tablet

Timna (Israel) : Rare remains of pregnant woman discovered

Bassetki (Iraq) : Archaeologists uncover cuneiform archive

Khirsara (Inde) :Harappans changed crops to suit climate change

Schieren (Luxembourg) : 2 000 ans plus tard, les fresques retrouvées

- Thouria (Grèce) : Archaeologists Unearth Ancient Theater

Abousir (Egypte) : lost temple of Ramsses II reveals mysteries of God King

Jerusalem : Long-lost Ancient Roman Theater Revealed in Old City Excavations

Sandby Borg (Suède) :  Gold coin sheds new light on 5th-century island massacre

Soacha (Colombie) :  Archaeologists finding out what life in Colombia was like 2400 years ago

Crossing the Alps in the Neolithic age

- Parion (Turquie) : 2,000-year-old toys discovered inside children's tombs

Alagankulam (Inde) :  History dug up at tail-end vaigai

- Chayhuac An (Pérou): Wood sculptures and other relics found

Huaca de la Cruz(Pérou) :  Pre-Incan grave with skeletons of 1,000-year-old human sacrifices

Tipan Chen Uitz (Belize) : Mayans playing ball pictured on remarkable 1,300-year-old stone panels

Jerusalem (Israel) : Jar of toads popped open in 4,000-year-old Canaanite tomb dig

El Peru-Waka (Guatemala) : tomb of Mayan God-King  discovered

Orchomenos (Grèce) :  Archaeologists unearth major Mycenaean-era tomb

- Tazovsky  (Russie) : Grave of blond-haired 'infant prince' from the 15th century  found in the Arctic

Khirbet el-Maqatir (West Bank) : A 2,000-year-old murder

Petersburg (Alaska) : Archaeologists shed light on Tlingit culture before Europeans

Acre (Brésil) : Research On Meaning Of Ancient Geometric Earthworks In Southwestern Amazonia

Tel Tsaf (Israel) : Unique 7,200-year-old clay model silo forces rethink of how society evolved

Colorado (USA) : Ruined ‘Apartments’ May Hold Clues to Native American History

Neapolis (Tunisie) : 'Tsunami-sunk' Roman ruins discovered

Goschwitz  (Pologne) : Long-lost medieval village of 'Bolko I the Strict' discovered

Malta's Prehistory Unearthed With New 3D Scanning Technology

Fuzhou (Chine) : Playwright Tang Xianzu's tomb found

- Nemea (Grèce) : Mycenaean tombs discovered during latest excavations

Mount Yanran (Mongolie) : Inscription carved tells the story of how the Han dynasty defeated the nomadic Huns

Minya (Egypte) : Possible ancient monks' complex discovered

Marcavalle (Pérou): 3000-year-old circular stone wall found

Sibérie (Russie) :Mysterious Great Wall built by unknown civilisation 2000 years ago found

Higashi-Yuge  (Japon) :  Dig offers 1st hint of second capital in 8th century

Joya de Cerén (Slvador) : Maya village buried under ash in the 7th century.

- Namibie : Rock art found in Desert reveals ancient initiation rituals led by shamans

Herculaneum  (Italie) :  Ancient Greek papyri virtually unwrapped

Narmetta (Inde) : Revealed: 4,000-year-old bone jewels

Borgring (Danemark) : 1,000-year-old massive, perfectly circular Viking fortress discovered

Bethsaida (Israel) : The Lost Home of Jesus' Apostles found ?

Sainte Colombe (France) : 'Little Pompeii': archaeologists uncover Roman neighborhood dating back to 1st century

Carthage (Tunisie) :1,500-year-old Grave Discovered at Carthage Circus

Santo Domingo (Rép. Doinicaine) : Has the tomb of the first historian of the Americas been discovered?

Plovdiv (Bulgarie) : stone baptismal vessel found at Episcopal Basilica site

Pompeii (Italie) : Tomb depicting famous gladiator brawl discovered

Yokaichijikata(Japon) : 2,000-year-old carpenter’s tool unearthed

Jerusalem (Israel) : Archaeologists Find Destruction Left by Babylonian Conquest

Mayapan (Mexique) : excavating human remains from ancient Mayan city

Rosh Ha’Ayin (Israel) : Impressive 2,700-Year-Old Water System Discovered

Shikhin (Israel) :Unique Kiln Used by Judean Potter Fleeing the Romans Found

Silsden (G-B) :  Top caveman's urn found at burial mound

Elne (France) : Découverte archéologique : la cathédrale primitive

Zelenyy Yar (Russie) : Medieval mummies from mystery arctic civilization

Jezreel (Israel):  Evidence of Naboth’s Vineyard ?

Mukhatta (Russie) : remains of a Stone Age fish supper from 8,000 years ago

Phaleron (Grèce) : Archaeologists go high tech to unearth 2,500-year-old cold case

Vatican : Frescoes Found to Contain 2 Female Figures Painted by Raphael

Mexico (Mexique) : Aztec golden wolf sacrifice yields rich trove

Dinajpur (Inde) : Excavation on in the 1,000-year-old site

Hala Sultan Tekke (Chypre) : Important findings discovered at the Late  harbour city

Colhuacatonco (Mexique) : 16th-Century Aztec Burials

Teotihuacan (Mexique): Secret tunnel found 30 feet below the Pyramid of the Moon

Timna (Israel) : Brightly Dyed, 3,000-year Old Textiles From King David-era Found

Mexico (Mexique) : Tower of human skulls found

Gezer (Israel): First Discovery of Bodies, From Fiery Destruction 3,200 Years Ago

Managua (Nicaragua):Bodies in Urns Among Artifacts Found in 1,000-Year Old Cemetery

Gobekli Tepe (Turquie) : Skulls From 11,500-year Ancestor Cult Found

Silsden (G-B) : Exciting Prehistoric Artefacts Unearthed

Avebury (G-B) : Archaeologists have found a hidden square monument within stone circle

Seta (Japon) : Woven basket finding unravels ancient wooden box mystery

Machaerus (Jordanie) : Monumental Mikveh at King Herod's Palace found

- Tel Arad (Israel) : Rare Pottery From First Temple-era Bears Even Rarer Inscription

Mexico City (Mexique) :Aztec Temple in Contains the Remains of Sacrificed Children

Dysnes (Islande) :  Viking age chief buried in ship with his sword and dog

Meroe (Soudan) : Archaeological dig unearths ‘many exciting finds’

Sphinx (Sudan) :  Mysterious holes drilled in rocks are remains of ancient shelters on the banks of the Nile River

Avebury (G-B) : Mysterious wooden circles are 800 years older

Alexandrie (Egypte) :Hellenistic tomb with pottery vessels discovered