Articles de Presse 2018-2019

Tenochtitlan (Mexique): Aztec war sacrifices found may point to elusive royal tomb

Haluza (Israel) : 1700- year-old inscription found

- Danemark : Beads Found in 3,400-year-old Graves Were Made by King Tut's Glassmaker

- How the Mines of Laurion Saved Ancient Athens — and Western Civilization

Western North America (USA):This Cactus Spine Needle Is the Oldest Tattoo Tool

- Nebi Zechariah (Israel) :  1,200-year-old Islamic-period Town Found

Huanchaco (Pérou) :15th-century mass child sacrifice site may be linked to 'El Nino event'

Rakhigarhi ( Inde): Lovers found inburial site

Tenea (Grèce) : Ancient Lost City Has Been Found

Teotihuacan (Mexique) : Hidden Passage to The 'Underworld' Beneath a Pyramid Revealed in Unprecedented Detail

- Pompei (Italie) : Newly found inscription at rewrites the history of the eruption of Mt Vesuvius

Assos (Turquie) : Archaeologists Find Greek Family’s Grave

Pompéi (Italie) : 'Enchanted garden' discovered

Cioclovina Cave (Roumanie) : Treasure, Skulls From Nymph Cult

Cumae (Italie) : 2,000-year-old tomb with a mural depicting a feast

Despotiko (Grèce) : New Mesmerizing Archaeological Finds Discovered

Tucume (Pérou) : Archaeologists Uncover Incan Burial Site in Desert Valley

- Vindolanda (G-B) : Roman ‘hand of god’ discovered near Hadrian’s Wall sheds light on biggest combat operation ever in UK

Chan Chan (Pérou) : Animaux lunaires et sacrifices d'enfants : nouvelles découvertes de l'empire Chimú

Toronto (Canada) : Mapping Indigenous roots

Pompéi (Italie) : 'Alley of balconies' uncovered

Makimuku (Japon) : peach pits carbon dated to reign of ancient queen Himiko

Mudhaibi (Oman) : evidence of oldest copper smelting operations

Sandby borg (Suède) : archaeologists reveal 5th Century massacre

Indian Creek (Antigua): Early Caribbeans were not 'savage cannibals', as colonists wrote

Heiankyo (Japon) : Residence of Heian Period princess may have been found

La Corona ( Guatemala )This city may have helped the Snake King dynasty spread

Stonehenge (G-B) : Some rocks were at Salisbury Plain 'long before humans'

Angamuco (Mexique): Laser scanning reveals 'lost' ancient Mexican city 'had as many buildings as Manhattan'

Gizeh (Egypte):  Tomb of a High-Powered Woman found

Ancient societies deliberately cultivated weeds

Tønsberg (Norvège): Ancient chess piece with islamic designs

Longhu Mountain (Chine): Temple Uncovered After Four Years of Excavations

Fancunjing   (Chine): Unearthing archeological riches and treasures of the past

 Vikrampur (Bangladesh): excavation uncovers the ancient capital

Israel: Researchers Decipher One of Last Two Undecoded Dead Sea Scrolls

Oppland (Norvège): Rescue Iron and Bronze Age Artifacts exposed by climate change

Valley of the Monkeys (Egypte): Archaeologists Could Be Close to Finding the Tomb of King Tut’s Wife

Toyohashi (Japon): Rare prehistoric shell mound suggests possible mid-Jomon shell trade

Ploudaniel-Plouédern (France):  4 000 ans d’histoire mis à nu

Mona's caves (Puerto Rico): Pre Columbian Cave Art in the Caribbean

Al Alamein (Egypte):  archaeological mission discovers tomb

Sac Actun (Mexique): World’s largest cave full of Mayan secrets discovered

Bethsaida (Israel): Archaeologists Uncover Pottery With Parthenon Scene

Edfou / Kom Ombo (Egypte) : Archaeologists unveil two major discoveries

Saham (Oman): Five archaeological sites tracing back to 2500-2000 BC unearthed

Iklaina  (Grèce): excavation findings make archaeologists revise beliefs on Mycenaean Era civilization

Alexandrie (Egypte): Remains of Greco-Roman era tombs uncovered

- Limon (Pérou): Ancient finding sheds light on desert society

- Altai (Russie): Ancient Jew’s harps as musical instruments reappear after 1,700 years

Nakashima (Japon): Ancient Chinese bronze mirror unearthed whole

Iztaccihuatl (Mexique): 'Floating' stone pond on the side of a volcano revealed to be a 1,000 year old model of the universe

Little Catwick Quarry (G-B): Ancient henge discovered

Tel Al-Pharaeen (Egypte): Remains of royal ancient Egyptian artefacts uncovered