Rapport Archeo 2021

- Disturbing Viking ritual could have really happened

- Isotope analyses unlock Iron Age secrets

Yanghai  (Chine): 2,700-year-old leather armor proves technology transfer happened in antiquity

- Sakaro Sodo (Ethiopie):  monuments 1,000 years older than previously thought

- Liangzhu (Chine): Collapse of ancient culture caused by climate change

Leuhan (France): La redécouverte de la dalle Saint-Bélec

Devitsa V (Russie): Winged Gods and walking griffons: A plate with a depiction of Scythian Gods

Ek Way Nal (Belize): Archeologists discover salt workers' residences

 Urville-Nacqueville (France): Sous la plage, les Gaulois

Artaxata (Arménie): Easternmost Roman aqueduct discovered

- Lachish  (Israel): Siege ramps and breached walls: Ancient warfare and the Assyrian conquest of Lachish

Karakorum (Mongolie): Archaeologists map the capital of the Mongol Empire

- WA shipwreck reveals secrets of 17th -century Dutch seafaring domination

- Chaco Canyon (USA): More than ceremonial was home

Falkland islands :  evidence of prehistoric human activity

 -Sican (Pérou): Red paint on 1,000-year-old gold mask contains human blood proteins

Huaca Santa Rosa de Pucala (Pérou): new light on Wari culture

Tabasco - Veracruz (Mexique):Nearly 500 ancient ceremonial sites found

Autun (France): L'exceptionnel vase diatrète contenait de l'ambre gris

- San Andrés (Salvador): Campana pyramid was built just after an enormous volcanic eruption

Wishbone (USA): Earliest evidence of wild tobacco use in Americas

Rezé (France) : les quais de l’agglomération antique de Ratiatum

-  Des pépins archéologiques éclairent l’histoire viticole

Tikal (Guatemala): archaeologists uncover hidden neighborhood in ancient Maya city

- Bronze Age farmers gave preferential treatment to cows over domesticated sheep, goats

Melting ice and a high altitude dig reveal Viking secrets in Norway

Vatya (Hongrie): Bronze Age cemetery reveals history of a high-status woman and her twins

- Mediterranean silver trade, from Trojan War to Roman Republic

Comet strike may have sparked key shift in human civilization

-  Cercadilla (Espagne) : existence of a Christian community in 12th c. Islamic Iberia

The spread of weighing systems across Western Eurasia 4,000 years ago

Yuzhniy Oleniy Ostrov  (Russie) : prehistoric pendants used in dance

- Bâtie-Montsaléon (France) : un sanctuaire romain découvert

Alingsås (Suède) :  Unique Bronze Age find

Château de Villers-Cotterêts (France) : la Cour des Offices

Aşıklı Höyük  (Turquie):  The lambs break their silence

Brno (Rép. Tchèque): Ancient bone sheds light on Slav alphabet history

Burial practices point to an interconnected early Medieval Europe

On the origins of money: Ancient European hoards full of standardized bronze objects

Tamanache (Mexique): Scientists identify contents of ancient Maya drug containers